Through this week’s learning, my wow is about learning the concept of “inclusive Learning” which has been evolved from “exclusion” to “inclusion”. This has made me realized that many things such as education, infrastructure etc. are becoming more accessible and inclusive to those who are “different” in our societies. I believe this is crucially important because diversity is one of the key element for our development, if we stick with the old way of education and elementary children draws the same looking elephant in their homeworks, then we will have some big problem.

My “wonder” for this week’s learning is the same question that Shelly Moore mentioned: How can we achieve meaningful inclusive education to those who are “different” instead of just having everyone physically learning together? I think this is a tricky question because the individual differences is very hard to manage. I think finding a way to let everyone make the best use of their advantages yet taking education in the same inclusive learning environment will still require a lot of further studies.