My “Wow” for week7’s activity is that I learned the “SIFT” model of systematically sorting and filtering informations from the internet. The steps of “Stop” and “Investigate the source” are focused on questionning the source of information including the reputation of the publisher, the expertise of the author etc.. These are the steps we nned to take before we get into the content of the information and it decides whether we should continue reading or not. The “Find better coverage” and “Trace claims, quotes, and media back to the original context” steps are focused on the content of the source. It tells us to find related information of certain information to see if there is consensus exist between different publisher. Although we can hold different opinion of the source, knowing the reliability of the information is extremely important for our future searching directions. In addition, we should also trace the most original source of the information to see if it is provided with full context so that the content of the information are not being manipulated or twisted. In my opinion, this is a very important step because we as individual agent in terms of spreading and sharing information we learned and perceived, the content of the information are very easily being changed in the process of paraphrase and re-telling, this is why we need to look at the most original source of the information in order to gain the full idea of certain information.

My “Wonder” for this week is that after learning the concept of “SIFT”. How should we be looking at the tweet that Russian embassey posted? In my opinion, Russian is never in favour of western medias and most of the time the statement made by Russian are simply sorted as “Fake news” by western media as well as majority of the user on twitter.