My “Wow” for this week is reading the article by DiResta and learning the concept of “Ampliganda”. Before reading this article, I always have the same idea on how propagandas are created and spread. It is so true that everyone plays a part by means of spreading propaganda as soon as they participated the topic. in addition, People read what they believe, this has resulted the hashtag campaign lit up the internet with an exponential growth.

My “Wonder” for this week is how we can make sure that we are not one of the agent in the “Ampliganda” system meanwhile expressing our opinions? for example, in the #PelosiMustGo hashtag campaign, even pelosi’s supporters became the ampliganda agent because they had the #PelosiMustGo hashtag, but if they don’t add this hashtag, their voices may not be heard by the rest of the people on the internet. What are the ways we can do to avoid this situation but make our voice heard?